STUDENT SPOTLIGHT – September 2017 – Rowan and Rydan Russell

Student Spotlight – September 2017

Name: Rowan Mac Russell
Age: 9
Chinese Zodiac: Rat
School: New Albany
Grade: 3rd Grade
Hobbies: Soccer, basketball, tennis and video games

Name: Rydan Beau Russell
Age: 8
Chinese Zodiac: Ox
School: New Albany
Grade: 2nd Grade
Hobbies: Gymnastics, diving, soccer and swimming

When they started studying at CSC: 2015

Why they are studying Chinese: Ever since the boys were 3 years old they started to learn Chinese. When Rowan began school all day we decided to enroll in CSC to have him be able to have a full immersion into the language and culture. The boys have learned so much and continue to grow with a better understanding for the Chinese culture.

Chinese study goals: Rowan — To be able to go to a Chinese restaurant and order food. Rydan — to be able to have a friend from China that he can Skype with and visit one day.