STUDENT SPOTLIGHT – January 2018 – Karen and Bob Mack

Student Spotlight – January 2018

Name: Karen Mack
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
Work: Cardinal Health
Hobbies: Cooking, travel and learning Chinese

Name: Bob Mack
Chinese Zodiac: Pig
Work: Nationwide Insurance
Hobbies: Traveling and learning Chinese

When they started studying at CSC: October 2016

Why they are studying Chinese: We started being non-residential hosts for international students at OSU & Otterbein University, many of whom are Chinese. We began learning more about their culture and food and wanted to deepen our friendships through learning their language. We also went to visit many of our students this past summer in China.

Chinese study goals: To become conversational with our Chinese students and friends.

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT – September 2017 – Rowan and Rydan Russell

Student Spotlight – September 2017

Name: Rowan Mac Russell
Age: 9
Chinese Zodiac: Rat
School: New Albany
Grade: 3rd Grade
Hobbies: Soccer, basketball, tennis and video games

Name: Rydan Beau Russell
Age: 8
Chinese Zodiac: Ox
School: New Albany
Grade: 2nd Grade
Hobbies: Gymnastics, diving, soccer and swimming

When they started studying at CSC: 2015

Why they are studying Chinese: Ever since the boys were 3 years old they started to learn Chinese. When Rowan began school all day we decided to enroll in CSC to have him be able to have a full immersion into the language and culture. The boys have learned so much and continue to grow with a better understanding for the Chinese culture.

Chinese study goals: Rowan — To be able to go to a Chinese restaurant and order food. Rydan — to be able to have a friend from China that he can Skype with and visit one day.

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT – July 2017 – Makenna Grace

Student Spotlight – July 2017

Name: Makenna Grace

Chinese Zodiac: Ox

School: OSU

Work: Zen Cha Cafe & Tea

Hobbies: Swimming, learning languages, taking care of plants

When she started studying at CSC: October 2016

Why she started studying Chinese: To be able to communicate with her bosses who are from China.

Chinese study goals: To be able to easily talk with people who speak Chinese.

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT – May 2017 – Maddox and Ryder Hill

Student Spotlight – May 2017

Name: Maddox Hill
Age: 6
Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
School: Scioto Ridge Elementary
Grade: K
Hobbies: Football, Basketball, Soccer

Name: Ryder Hill
Age: 4
Chinese Zodiac: Snake
School: Primrose School
Grade: Preschool
Hobbies: Baseball, Soccer, Basketball

When they started studying at CSC: Age 3 (both)
Why they are studying Chinese: To promote concentration and comprehension while learning a challenging new language.

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT – April 2017 – Rachel, Allie and Joseph Wahl

Student Spotlight – April 2017

Name: Rachel
Age: 12 years old
Chinese Zodiac: rooster
School: Edison Intermediate Larry Larson Middle School, Grandview
Grade: 6th grade
Hobbies: badminton, reading and riding bikes

Name: Allie
Age: 9 years old
Chinese Zodiac: pig
School: Robert Louis Stevenson, Grandview
Grade: 3rd grade
Hobbies: basketball, soccer, riding bikes, badminton & reading

Name: Joseph
Age: 4 years old
Chinese Zodiac: dragon
School: ECLC
Grade: Preschool
Hobbies: playing outside, riding bikes, airplanes & sharks

They each started learning Chinese when they were 4 years old.

We wanted our children to learn a second language early in their lives. We felt that Chinese would be a useful language for them as adults.

Goals: To become fluent in Chinese.

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT – March 2017 – Elizabeth Vleugels

Student Spotlight – March 2017

Name: Elizabeth Vleugels

Age: 26

Chinese zodiac: Horse

School: The Ohio State University

Grade: Senior

Hobbies: reading, swimming, kayaking, vegan cooking

When she started studying at CSC: 2012

Why she is studying Chinese: I would like to work for a non-governmental organization (NGO) in China

Chinese study goals: I will graduate with a bachelors degree in Chinese and plan to continue my language studies in China

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT – March 2017 – Audrey Tartaglia

Student Spotlight – March 2017

Name: Audrey Tartaglia
Age: 10
Chinese Zodiac: Dog
School: Johnnycake Corners Elementary
Grade: 5
Hobbies: Drawing, Baking, Piano, Soccer
When she started studying at CSC: 5 years ago
Why she is studying Chinese: For an appreciation and connection to her culture
Chinese study goals: To become fluent in Mandarin

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT – February 2017 – Charlotte Owen


Age: 10

Chinese Zodiac: dog

School: Columbus School for Girls

Grade: 5

Hobbies: reading, ballet, piano, biking

When she started studying at CSC: 2012

Why she is studying Chinese: Because a lot of my family is Chinese, so I should learn the language.

Chinese study goals: To learn to speak fluently.

Flushing Chinese Immersion Weekend – July 21-23, 2017

The Columbus School of Chinese (CSC) is pleased to announce dates for our Summer 2017 Flushing Chinese Immersion Weekend program: July 21-23, 2017. This three-day program is an immersive Chinese language and culture experience for students ages 6+ who have completed Beginner I and above. (Students under age 18 will require a chaperon.)

The Flushing neighborhood in Queens, New York, boasts one of the largest Chinese communities outside of China. Flushing provides learners with authentic opportunities to apply language skills and cultural knowledge outside of the classroom and to become more comfortable with life in a Chinese environment.

Over the course of this program, CSC China experts will guide students through real-life scenarios and cultural experiences that will increase learners’ confidence in their language ability and deepen their practical understanding of Chinese culture and society.

Participants will interact with native Chinese speakers in a variety of settings:
Hotel check-in;
Interact with cab drivers;
Purchase items through bartering;
Ask for directions;
Order food, interact with restaurant staff;
Experience a Chinese banquet;
Participate in authentic Chinese recreational activities, and more.

Dates: July 21-23, 2017

Cost: Approximately $1,000 per student, depending on student number and other factors. Program cost includes airfare, lodging, ground transportation and instructional fees. Past programs have run between $800-1,200.

Past Student Testimonials:
“I enjoyed our immersion trip to Flushing, NY. I was forced to use Chinese in order to communicate. This trip has strengthened my excitement for learning Chinese.”—Raju, Flushing Trip Participant

“Take it from someone who’s been there. You don’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity to improve your Chinese!” —Brian, Flushing Trip Participant

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT – February 2017 – Natalie Fei and Sarah Tsung

sarah natalie 1STUDENT SPOTLIGHT – February 2017

Name: Sarah Tsung
Chinese Zodiac: Snake
Work: 5th Grade Language Arts teacher at Liberty Elementary School
Hobbies: Trying new things with family and friends, reading, watching TV shows, working out, and trying new recipes
When you started studying at CSC: I started at CSC in November 2016.
Why you are studying Chinese: I am studying Chinese because my husband is Chinese and his family speaks Chinese in their home.
Chinese study goals: I would like to be able to understand and carry on some conversations with my in-laws.

Name: Natalie Fei
Chinese Zodiac: Snake
Work: School Counselor
Hobbies: Reading, Traveling, & Yoga
When you started studying at CSC: Fall of 2016
Why you are studying Chinese: My husband’s family speaks fluent Chinese
Chinese study goals: To successfully be able to order a cup of coffee when in China… AND to communicate a little with my husband’s family in Chinese!