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CSC Spearheading Cultural and Educational Exchange with Columbus’ Sister City in China


The Columbus School of Chinese is honored to be representing Columbus on a “Friendship Mission” to our Chinese Sister City, Hefei!

The Columbus-Hefei Sister City partnership was established in 1988, after an American delegation visited China to negotiate a panda for the Columbus Zoo. A delegation from Hefei then came to Columbus to formalize a sister city agreement. The Hefei-Columbus Sister City relationship is Columbus’ strongest.

From November 23 to 30, Chris Stellato and Donny Newman will be in Hefei meeting with government officials, local businesses and schools to discuss new economic, cultural and educational exchange initiatives between Columbus and Hefei. These initiatives will benefit our students by providing study abroad opportunities, establishing “Sister School” relationships and other opportunities for educational and cultural exchange.

We are extremely proud and excited to help strengthen this relationship, and to provide new opportunities for our students and the City of Columbus!