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Testimonials: Sino-American Business Consulting

“I just wanted to thank you again for the excellent training program you and your team customized for me. The reaction from our Chinese suppliers was nothing short of amazing! All of the lessons on titles, business cards, language, gifts and gestures were so well received. I have already seen a dramatic improvement in our business communications since my meeting with them last month and they have even invited me to work their booth at their local trade show this year. I look forward to continuing our lessons as they have already proven to be critically important in developing our relationship with our Chinese suppliers.” Mara-Van Horn, Metz and Company SABC Culture/Language Student, March 2013


“They are truly experts!” Patrick T., President & CEO of Columbus Council on World Affairs, November 2012


“I am so excited! I met my future boss who is in from China. I did my self-introduction and he understood every word!!!” Stephanie, SABC Expat Relocation Client, April 2013

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Testimonials: CSC Language Instruction

“I just wanted to share a little success story of mine and thank you for all that you have taught me. I was doing a ride along for the Columbus Police Explorer Program riding with a Freeway officer when we made a traffic stop on a vehicle traveling at 25mph+ over the posted speed limit. Inside the vehicle were three Chinese males. I asked the officer if it would be okay for me to try speaking to them in Chinese. I was successfully able to get the information from the driver. This experience was what I needed to remind me of the reason I started studying Chinese in the first place. It was amazing to actually put to use the knowledge that I have acquired in our past Chinese classes.” Brian, Adult Student


“Columbus School of Chinese has been a wonderful fit for our girls. The classes are fun and informative for the kids. They’re sensitive to the level of the students so the classes are challenging and effective.” Jen, CSC Parent

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